System properties

F&B Module supports management and operation of restaurants, canteens and bars covering food stock and diet nurse processes and activities at the same time.

The module consists of following underlying modules:


The system is designed to support work within restaurants and it consists of two independent modules - Restaurant cash desk and Recipes, Meals and Prices Administrator (SRJC). The former serves waiters during daily canteen, restaurant or bar operations the module can be set up individually for each location and modified to fit the way of its operation - table distribution, offerings, .... Restaurant module is fully adapted to touch screen operation - intuitive and ergonomic control elements distribution and their simple use supports an easy operation. Thanks to the SRJC module, managers can have instant and consistent view of all ongoing activities - e.g., consumption or performance of individual waiters. A connection to the Restaurant Module allows Food Stock Modules an automatic write-off of raw food materials from the stock - both waiter and manager can have an insight of actual status of supplies in the buffer stock.

Intuitive Control

  • Restaurant module is adapted to be used with a touch screen.
  • Possibility to separate specific standalone units (restaurant, bar, terrace,).
  • Possibility to maintain an unlimited number of independent bills, to affiliate them for a payment or to shift items between them.
  • Addition of items using fast buttons or using items from a menu.
  • Printing of orders in a kitchen, printing of preliminary receipts.
  • Maintenance of open accounts including a set-up of financial limits and expiry dates.

Performance evaluation

  • Surveys for waiters (daily turnover, stock status) and managers.
  • Turnover monitoring available for individual waiters or units.
  • Daily and overall statistics of raw food materials consumption or a turnover of individual meals and beverages.
  • Review of individual units turnover with an option of detailing per waiter or item.


  • Automatic transfer of price changes or offerings changes between SRJC and Restaurant modules.
  • Option to transfer items to clients's personal accounts in the Hotel module.
  • Guest identification using a magnetic card- verification prior to a transfer to an account.
  • Option to automatically write-off raw food materials from a buffer stock or from a stock while selling items in restaurant.

Food Stock

The Food & Stock supports catering and restaurant services, offering standard functions like intakes, expenditures, transfers, orders, inventories of specific raw food, requests, expiry dates supervision or minimum supplies in stocks monitoring. When connected to the Diet Nurse module, Food Stock module allows processing of requests for raw food materials for specific clients. If the module gets connection to the Restaurant module, it can perform an automatic expenditure of raw food materials according to the number of items sold in the restaurant.

Stocks and Materials

  • Option to split stocks into main (central) and buffer stock (restaurant, kitchen...).
  • Information about current quantity, minimum quantity or warranty period for each raw food material.
  • Separate or averaged prices per stocks.

    Stock Movements

  • Order releases with a follow-up acceptance according to a real supply.
  • Order release if material quantity in stock under a minimum defined quantity.
  • Order release to another stock (transfer option) or order release for direct consumption.
  • Release of raw food materials based on order release - according to diet nurse needs to divide into individual groups of clients.
  • Automatic creation of an order release when selling items in restaurant.

Stock Maintenance

  • Inventories for a current stock status - inventory list, corrective actions proposal based on reality.
  • Suppliers list update (including addresses and contact details) and a list of customers update (internal and external).
  • Daily and summary reports.

Diet Nurse

The Diet Nurse module enables nutritionists to create and modify inputs for F&B operation within the organization - both for clients and staff. Creating of recipes, daily and long-term menus, preparation of input data to release food raw material from stocks and daily evaluation of the consumption by individual units are only a few functions which help to facilitate the operation. The system extension by the Food Stock program module brings above standard functions like option to create a daily menu based on current stock status, usage of the Residues Book, menu set-ups based on nutritional values or units.