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Gubi Spa Modular Solution

Gubi Spa Information System is highly scalable, modular sw solution to satisfy Medical Spa, rehabilitation and wellness facilities as well as wellness hotels requirements. It represents a set of interconnected, collaborative, dedicated modules and Add-ons allowing management of all organization units... more

Front Office

The module allows management and control of hotel and spa accommodation units. It secures a room reservation for individuals or groups (fast reservation, online reservation, reservation using a facility plan, ...). Client's check-in & check-out, unlimited number of cash desks, invoice module, exchange office, housekeeping functions, daily closure, connection to external systems (telephones, PayTv, lock systems, economic and spa systems) are the few examples of a rich functionality offered by the module. The module further offers more than 250 statistical reports, and graphical managerial outputs)... more


The module supports doctors, nurses day-to-day activities - medical records maintenance, therapeutic treatment and drugs prescription, laboratory orders and other treatments. It satisfies needs of physiotherapists as well by offering therapeutic treatment timing based on doctors requirements, treatments characteristics (treatment flow, contraindication) and other parameters... more


Wellness Module supports wellness and rehabilitation management for spa and wellness hotels. The module offers a rehabilitation for individuals and groups and it is linked to Front Office Module or external Property Management System - PMS (e.g., Fidelio or external clients reservation system). The system also supports creation and timing of treatment packages, considering operational specifics and limitations (operating time, treatment flow, contraindications, availability of physiotherapists and space). The module offers graphical summary of resources utilization, daily balancing and supports connection to external systems (card systems, ERP, medical and PMS systems). It offers more than 150 managerial statistics and graphical presentations as well.... more


F&B Module supports management and operation of restaurants, canteens and bars covering food stock and diet nurse processes and activities at the same time. ... more