System properties

Wellness Module supports wellness and rehabilitation management for spa and wellness hotels. The module offers a rehabilitation for individuals and groups and it is linked to Front Office Module or external Property Management System - PMS (e.g., Fidelio or external clients reservation system). The system also supports creation and timing of treatment packages, considering operational specifics and limitations (operating time, treatment flow, contraindications, availability of physiotherapists and space). The module offers graphical summary of resources utilization, daily balancing and supports connection to external systems (card systems, ERP, medical and PMS systems). It offers more than 150 managerial statistics and graphical presentations as well. 

Client support

  • Clients' hotel cards.
  • Non-resident clients' cards.
  • Creation of Groups.
  • Registry of client's personal details (CRM).
  • Price levels and discount system.
  • Clients' accounts maintenance in various currencies, deposit accounts.
  • Transfers between accounts, account split, account cancellation.
  • Deposit system.
  • Combination of various payment types (cash, cards, vouchers, cheques etc.).
  • Various print outs presenting reserved, sold and scheduled treatment.

Treatment Packages

  • Creation of treatment prescription.
  • Treatment sets & packages.
  • Treatment timing (automatic, manual).
  • Treatment timing optimization and postprocessing.
  • Treatment timing using free time slots within an existing client's schedule.
  • Timing considering capacity.
  • Timing considering contraindications, time groups, clients' availability, sex, treatment flow, spare times between treatment etc.
  • Capacity blocking.
  • Comparison of number of delivered treatment versus prescribed.

Cash Desk

  • Unlimited number of cash desks.
  • Payment and accounting documents evidence.
  • Various accounting documents print outs - documents in foreign languages, documents duplicate, cancellation.
  • Cash withdrawal, subsidies.
  • Cash desk residues in any currency.
  • Cash desk closures.


  • Optional connections to external PMS Subsystems.
  • Optional connection to Medical, Front Office.
  • Card identification systems connection option.
  • Various ERP interfaces.


  • Available treatment reservation.
  • Reservation of treatment recommended by doctor.
  • Fast verification of available treatment times and prices.
  • Client's account and scheduled treatment interlocking.
  • Reservation considering existing treatment.
  • Treatment reservations for more than one person at a time.
  • Reservation pricing based on actual rates of foreign currencies.
  • Individual pricing option.
  • Monitoring of missing reservation confirmation and automatic release of a procedure slot without confirmation.
  • Various possibilities of reserved treatment print outs.

Graphical presentation of services

  • Graphical presentation of scheduled and delivered treatment.
  • Scheduled and delivered treatment differentiation.
  • Possibility of automatic or manual treatment timing optimization and postprocessing.
  • Possibility of scheduled treatment cancelation.

Daily Closure

  • Manual or automatic closure.
  • Historical data freeze.
  • Data Warehouse update.

Reports and Statistics

  • Various types of utilization and turnover reports.
  • Print outs of canceled treatment and treatment above capacity.
  • Print outs of employees and workplaces schedules.
  • Print outs of employees and workplaces free times and spare capacity.
  • Additional more than 150 statistics and reports.