Front office

System properties

The module allows management and control of hotel and spa accommodation units. It secures a room reservation for individuals or groups (fast reservation, online reservation, reservation using a facility plan, ...). Client's check-in & check-out, unlimited number of cash desks, invoice module, exchange office, housekeeping functions, daily closure, connection to external systems (telephones, PayTv, lock systems, economic and spa systems) are the few examples of a rich functionality offered by the module. The module further offers more than 250 statistical reports, and graphical managerial outputs).


  • Fast track-down of available capacity.
  • Reservation of individual clients or groups.
  • Registry of client's personal details (CRM).
  • Reservation according to a room type or reservation of a specific room.
  • Pricing - rate codes, packages, price levels, special services.
  • A diet specification connected to restaurants and norms.
  • Discount system - discount per period, number of stays, age, per number of people, individual discount.
  • Price calculation for a stay.
  • Individual prices option.
  • Depository system.
  • Reservation of services.
  • Reservation confirmation, options system.
  • Information about capacities sold and blocked and available rooms (room types).

Cash Desk

  • Unlimited number of cash desks.
  • Payments and evidence of accounting documents.
  • Various printouts.
  • Printouts in foreign languages.
  • Printouts of duplicates.
  • Cash withdrawal, allowance.
  • Cash desk residues in any currency.
  • Cash desk closures.

Daily Closure

  • Closure report.
  • Automatic generation of items on client's account.
  • Blocking of data correction from a previous day.
  • Data update in the data warehouse.
  • Protocols.

Treatment - Health insurance companies

The module Treatment complements the Front Office Module. It offers specific functions allowing communication between medical spa and health insurance companies and statistical offices within Czech and Slovak Republics.

Clients services 

  • Accommodation of clients and groups with or without reservation, change of accommodation.
  • Check-in with connection to client's Registry.
  • Client's accounts management.
  • Daily closure outputs transfer (automatic or manual) to client's account.
  • Accounts maintenance in various currencies, depository accounts.
  • Transfers between accounts (automatic, manual), account split and account cancellation.
  • Combination of various payment types (cash, cards, invoices, vouchers, cheques, fonds etc.).
  • Hotel book maintenance, police and foreign police report, charging of hotel fees.
  • Check-out.


  • Invoice accounts - automatic or manual transfer of items from a client's account.
  • Invoices issued from invoicing accounts - various types of items segregation, addition, items cancellation prior to an invoice issue.
  • Provisional system.
  • Pro forma invoices.
  • Book of issued invoices.
  • Invoices payment monitoring.

Exchange Office

  • Purchase of foreign currencies and, possibility to sell foreign currencies.
  • Various version of printouts.
  • Printouts in foreign languages.
  • Printouts of duplicates, cancellations.
  • Cash withdrawal, allowance.
  • Register of provisions.
  • Printouts.


  • PBX - Check-in, Check-out PBX lines, room change, call payment, transfer to client's account.
  • Card locks - Check-in, Check-out, card blocking, hotel card payment.
  • PayTv.
  • ERP.
  • Internet on-line reservation.
  • Medical Spa information systems (Medical, Wellness).