GUBI Spa modular solution

Gubi Spa Information System at a Glance

Gubi Spa Information system represents a set of interconnected, collaborative, dedicated modules supporting all units of a Spa organization.

  • All organization processes are covered by one information system. Dedicated modules covering different operational units and departments are fully integrated into one integral information system covering the whole Spa operation.
  • Modularity. All modules are designed to allow standalone usage or to be integrated with third party products. Thus, organization can implement an information system which meets exactly their requirements and further extend it in the future.
  • Easy integration of all modules. All modules are fully compatible; thus, an additional module can be integrated with existing system easily.
  • Input data used by a specific module are available to other modules. Using one common production database all modules have an access to the data stored by other modules and thus can share an information easily.
  • Customization. Gubi Spa can be customized to adopt specific Customer needs and requirements. Custom reports, statistics and managerial reports can serve an example.
  • Modern tools available to manage organization. Gubi Spa offers tools and dedicated modules for managers to control the whole operation.
  • Tools to monitor quality of provided service. Gubi Spa modules include functionality which allows to compare expected results with real values and discover unwanted gaps.
  • Integration with other systems a tool to streamline operation.  A variety of technical equipment and systems are supported including chip and magnetic cards readers, PBX, PayTV solutions, bar-code scanners, internet reservation systems, facility management and many others.
  • Security of data and access control. Thanks to the database used and transactional data processing, data security and integrity are granted. Sensitive data are protected not only by an access control but they are encrypted as well.